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I had a difficult and potentially messy divorce. Mike was recommended to me from another attorney who said “He’s not cheap but if it goes to litigation you want a fighter in your corner.”

After meeting with Mike I hired him to handle my divorce. Mike handled my calls and emails quickly and professionally. He worked around my schedule and even met with me on Saturdays. His office staff is great they responded to my requests quickly and all of the documents were done correctly and professionally.

Mike does not back down. When we were in negotiations he kept fighting for me until I told him I was satisfied. My divorce was done in 8 months after going to prove up twice because the judge was biased. Mike and David are top notch attorneys. I would have gotten creamed if I went to court with anyone else. Thanks Mike!

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- Anonymous

Michael Doman is more than a lawyer and more than a personal counselor. He is utterly dedicated to his clients and to getting the best possible outcome for them. He combines knowledge of the law with savvy, persistence, and sincere concern for his clients. I consider Michael a true professional and I can’t recommend him highly enough. His support, both legal and personal is outstanding!

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- Anonymous

I hired Michael Doman because a friend recommended him to me and I was happy with his services from day one. If you choose to hire Michael be prepared to work with someone who is professional, thorough and to the point. He is tough and will get the job done. He returns your calls and emails promptly, he has fair rates and is available on the weekends. Michael helped me out with a custody situation where he always made sure my child’s best interests were top priority.

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- Aimee

It’s difficult for attorneys to take the time to really learn the particulars of your case as all clients wish. Michael walks that line fairly well and keeping things realistic and professional.

Legal representation is a business and clients can certainly feel like the whole system is skewed unfairly against them. Michael understands this and does an excellent job of mitigating the emotional and financial turmoil of a prolonged legal matter where others would just get by punching the clock.

I have stepped in Michael’s office February 2, 2016 and my last court date was April 27, 2016.

I am recommending The Law Offices of Michael P. Doman to anyone who wants a professional and trustful attorney’s help.

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- Elena

Nothing more emotional than going through a divorce, especially when children are involved. I’m thankful I found Michael to guide me through this process. He knows the law and knows how to require the other side to play by those rules. He is no-nonsense, an intensely strong presence in court and a true advocate for your side. I was surprised at how available he was throughout the process. Although he is managing numerous cases, he always seemed to remember the particulars of my situation. His staff was extremely helpful and attentive as well. Don’t expect “therapy” from Michael, that’s not what you’re paying him for… but certainly expect results.

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- Kara

I retained Michael Doman during what was for me, the most difficult time in my life to date, ending a 38 year marriage.

I’ve always been skeptical of lawyers because of all the stories out there about lawyers claiming to have your best interests at heart, but who pad their own wallets by dragging out the process.

I can assure you that Michael is NOT one of those lawyers.

Michael handled my divorce with extreme professionalism and care. He made me feel like I was his most important client. He always kept me informed either through emails or phone calls as to the status of my divorce. He was sooo organized, competent, and “wow” was he tenacious.

I began the process of ending my marriage with dignity and Michael helped me end it with my dignity
in tack. I will forever be grateful for his help.

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- Bruce

“I was in court without an attorney. I observed Mr. Doman handling a case and I was impressed. I decided to hire him to handle a post decree maintenance issue which I was not having any results in my favor. Mr. Doman went right to the heart of the case, did not call me unnecessarily, thus keeping costs down. His ability to memorize the case, showed me that he really prepared himself. He got the results that were very favorable for me. His financial arrangement with me was beyond my expectations, making it possible for me to continue using his service. Should anyone I know be in this unfortunate situation, I will highly recommend Mr. Doman’s services. I would be doing that person a favor.”

- Greg Ramirez

Chicago, Illinois