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A civil union is a legally binding relationship between two people that offers the same protection that marriage does under Illinois law. At The Law Offices of Michael P. Doman, Ltd., our attorneys help clients understand their rights as part of a civil union, and whether or not this is the best agreement to enter into based on their own personal needs. The staff has extensive experience with Illinois family law and is ready to offer you comprehensive counsel and advice as you embark upon establishing a civil union.

What rights does a civil union offer?

While many same-sex couples have preferred to seek a traditional marriage since Illinois legalized gay marriage, there are still many benefits for all couples in a civil union, especially for unwed parents who want certain protections under the law without committing to marriage. Other benefits include:

  • The ability to jointly own property
  • The right to make decisions about a partner’s healthcare if the persons is too sick or injured to make them personally
  • Pension protections for surviving partners of municipal employees
  • Rights to privacy and to avoid testifying against one another in court
  • The ability to take legal action in a wrongful death suit on your partner’s behalf
  • The right to secure a court-supervised distribution of property plan if you and your partner break up
  • Certain protections from creditors

However, while a civil union offers the same protections as marriage under Illinois state law, you will not be protected under federal law. This means that if you move out of state, your rights might not be upheld like they are in Illinois. It’s important to come to us if you are moving out of state to know what protections you will and won’t be afforded elsewhere.

Dissolving a civil union

Like a traditional divorce, a court will decide on issues related to property, spousal support, allocation of parental responsibilities and child support once a civil union is dissolved. However, if you are looking to dissolve your union out of state, you may not be able to depending on where you live. Sometimes it will be necessary to dissolve your civil union in the state of Illinois, even if you have moved since it became official.

Get more information about civil unions

If you are thinking of entering or dissolving a civil union or have a question about an existing one, call The Law Offices of Michael P. Doman, Ltd. today to receive counsel and analysis from a team of experienced attorneys. We make sure you understand your rights as part of a civil union and take legal action when any serious issues arise. Call our office today at 847.897.5288 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We maintain conveniently located offices in Northbrook and the Chicago Loop.