Meet the People Who Are The Law Offices of Michael P. Doman, Ltd.
A boutique firm offering pedigree and personal attention

Divorce and family law attorney Michael P. Doman founded The Law Offices of Michael P. Doman, Ltd. in Chicago in 1988 with the mission of helping Chicago-area residents seeking to divorce or resolve allocation of parental responsibilities, child support or other family law matters.

More than 25 years later, the firm maintains offices in Northbrook and Chicago, but remains a small boutique practice, brandishing a reputation for an exacting, no-nonsense approach to both counsel and litigation.

Litigation experience that helps you on all fronts

Unlike most family law attorneys, who rarely see a day in court, Michael Doman brings considerable trial experience. That gives those who retain us a significant advantage in that:

  • The arguments, strategies and tactics we have acquired and refined in court are directly applicable to negotiation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution processes, making it possible for you to avoid going to trial.
  • Should lower-level attempts fail, we are immediately ready to represent you in court.
  • Our trial experience and reputation indicate from the very beginning just how serious you are about pressing your arguments.

Conscientious, client-driven customer service

Besides excellence in law and in the courtroom, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. We offer full transparency and accessibility, and seek to ensure client phone calls are responded to as quickly as possible. In fact, clients are encouraged to contact their attorney directly whenever they have an issue or other question regarding their case.

We treat all clients’ goals, requirements, family history and other circumstances with respect and discretion. We also try to be as mindful of the emotional aspects of divorce and family law as possible. Chances are good that your family legal issue is creating substantial stress; there’s no need for your legal experience to add to that strain.

You are invited to learn more about the people at The Law Offices of Michael P. Doman, Ltd.:

Retain an attorney who’s tough, but compassionate

Divorce can bring up a host of feelings, but it’s no time to let your financial guard down. The Law Offices of Michael P. Doman, Ltd. works diligently to achieve your goals, but also seeks make your legal experience as smooth and informed as possible. To learn more about our vigilant representation and client-focused service, call us at 847.897.5288, or contact us online to schedule a consultation.